Reading is an important skill to master before your child enters Primary School.

This skill will play an essential part in their daily lives when they enter primary school, not just for learning English but also for subjects such as math and science which require careful reading comprehension skills to excel.

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Identify your child's reading roadblocks and gain mastery.

An assessment will be conducted to understand your child's reading ability.

Find out more about our proven system that has helped over 300,000 students build better reading skills and our full programme offerings.

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Gauge your child's ability to read

An I Can Read teacher will use validated assessment tools to determine the most suitable course for your child.


Identify your child's correct course

Our dedicated Centre Managers will assist you in choosing the time most convenient for your child's class.


Assess strengths and weaknesses

A summary of your child's assessment outcome will be explained to you by our teacher

Why I Can Read Assessment?

The assessment conducted is engaging and simple to help us identify key literacy problems your child is facing. 

"We enrolled Megan in I Can Read programme after receiving many good reviews from our friends. She has made great improvements in phonemic awareness. Megan now enjoys reading storybooks and is able to read them fluently and loudly."

Mum of Megan

6 - Megan

"As Thomas comes from a Chinese speaking family, we were struggling to find a suitable English Literacy programme for him. In K2, we transferred Thomas to I Can Read when we found that it had a more vivid and suitable curriculum. Within a short time, we could see Thomas making great progress in reading English stories. We appreciate the help I Can Read rendered to teaching Thomas phonology, spelling and comprehension."

Dad of Thomas Zhu

3 - Thomas

"My child has been attending I Can Read since she was three. She looks forward to each lesson as they learn in a fun way. Her pronunciation, vocabulary and phonemic awareness has improved. I would recommend you to go for their free assessment and get to know the I Can Read system."

Mum of Aisy Syafiqah

4 - Aisy Syaf

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